499,550 units sold by Tesla Inc.! Upcoming launch in india

499,550 units sold by Tesla Inc.! Upcoming launch in india

CEO Elon musk’s tesla Inc. on the rock with 499,550 units sold in 2020.
Tesla is the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles company founded in 2003.

The company motto to provide a clean environment with sustainable energy source vehicles that are electric.
CEO Elon Musk’s target was 500.000 units in 2020, and it’s almost achieved by end of 2020.

First, nine-month tesla delivered 318,000 units and the remaining target was achieved in just three months.

Investors and supporters congratulate tesla for this achievement on Twitter when news becomes viral.

This good news will boost the share price of tesla. In 2020 tesla shares rise by 700%.#Tesla #stock, tweetable news. Click To Tweet

Tesla is coming to India in 2021

Sales figures of 2020 will boost the sale of the EV car in India too, which will be launched in 2021.

Tesla will deliver its first lot as a Complete built unit CBU in early 2021.

World’s largest supercharger station

Tesla also opened the world’s largest supercharger station in china’s shanghai.

This will provide support to EV and it has 72 charging stations. Tesla beats its own record of 52 stations by opening this largest super charger station.

Tesla’s annual sales rose 36% from the previous year.

Company delivered 180,570 SUV from 499,550 units.

Tesla has only one working plant outside California in shanghai.
Shangai plant supports the company to achieve this big number of 500,000.