Ripple’s XRP: Is it the right time to Invest?

Ripple’s XRP: Is it the right time to Invest?


Right now every trader in crypto-currency is confused to invest in Ripple’s XRP.

After a massive downfall in the price of XRP coin, every investor and every crypto person had a question in mind.#XRP #Ripple #crypto, worthy tweetable. Click To Tweet

What is the future of ALT coins or crypto?

Huge ups and downs saw in the last few days in XRP and other altcoins. But let’s talk about XRP as it is the talk of the town in recent days.

XRP falls approximately 50 plus percentage in the last five days due to a lawsuit file against Ripple’s former CEO and founder Christian Larsen and its current CEO Bradley Garlinghouse by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Cryptocurrencies can be traded on a global basis. So, there is no fear about the ban or delisting from exchanges.

One should invest in XRP as the company profile is revealing very strong.

Ripple has a good profile in winning a lawsuit filed against them.

XRP is traded at a very low against its reputation in recent last 2 days.

If a lawsuit charged by SEC will clear once, it will be re-boosted to its normal level.

What about those who already invested in XRP at high levels?

Well, If you have already lost almost 50 or 60 percent of your total capital than you need to wait.

If the company wins the lawsuit against SEC, then there is a possibility of your loss recovery.
You can average your portfolio by small investment at every dip.#xrp #ripple #cryptocurrencies , tweetable sharing ideas. Click To Tweet

First Major Support Level: $0.2689
Pivot Level: $0.3276
First Major Resistance Level: $0.3772

Note: This is a personal view, Invests your 20% max capital into this or as per your risk-taking capacity! And if required, average your position by investing a bit more.
As looking into past charts of Ripple’s XRP, it has a great potential to grow and it is a golden chance to make money from crypto investment using XRP by taking the risk.