A unique way full guide- How to make money online for beginners?

A unique way full guide- How to make money online for beginners?

Are you a beginner and want to know how to make money online for free? Then look out the list below where you can do innovative ideas and make money online. 

Since the internet started, a lot of methods are used for making money online. Now, there will be a massive transformation in earning methods after 2020. For learning new ideas and techniques, you have to update yourself regarding these methods. We are here, to help you with updates, new ideas, and innovative practices for making money online that will work for you and your dreams in upcoming years.

Many different ways are there to earn online and offline, but optimized and proper way you have to find by yourself only!

 Just have a glimpse of certain ways for making money online as mentioned below:

  1. Become a Freelancer
  2. Earn Online Money from Social media/ Become an Influencer
  3. Become a Consultant/ Coach/ Become an Online Tutor
  4. Make Money by managing advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Quora, LinkedIn, YouTube
  5. Buy & Sell Domains
  6. Income from Writing Work
  7. Start a website – Review Websites, Apps, and Software/affiliate website of amazon and other products, services, coupon website
  8. Blogging for beginners
  9. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
  10. Become a streamer
  11. Earn money from YouTube

Extras: Time for Action/execution

After seeing a list if you think that it’s too easy or too hard then it just an assumption that your mind thinks. 

 choose any of the above 11 working areas and execute while you learn from any platform or anyplace. Start doing things which you learn and it will grow as a big output! A small task that you do is a big advantage for the upcoming days. Grow yourself with learning and outcomes will be in earning.

1. Become a Freelancer

Multiple websites are available on the internet like Fiverr, Zirtual, and Upwork for freelancing work, where you can register as a freelancer and start earning in your expertise. Try to choose a little different skill that has less competition.

 This is the fastest way to start earning without any investment but remember, it is the hardest way to succeed, as you need to develop a skill and have to be a professional one to beat the existing online freelancing competition.


 Tip: You can provide accurate details in your profile with some good work examples and reviews of your clients that make your profile stronger than other freelancers.  

Still, there are some of the below easy and good skills that you should check out:

Website design/logo design/ graphic design and so on in designing work, where you can find some specific skill with low competition and work on that skill to develop into yourself for earning more

A. Marketing:

Working as a social media or account manager. You also can start with affiliate marketing for someone else too

B. Writing and translation:


If you have good writing skills then write online articles or reviews and earn from these freelancing sites as well you can do translation work.

C. Voice over:

Record your voice and give it to the clients. The easiest and good skill that you can develop and earn from here. Just keep ascent of the language and give your voice over!

D. Data scraping:

Just scarp email, phone numbers, addresses from the internet and you are good to go with this skill. lots of techniques, chrome browser extensions, and software are available for this and you can be a great earner from these.

E. Digital marketer:

Register yourself as a digital marketer. Lots of people are looking for freelancing digital marketers who can do the jobs. It may take time to learn digital marketing in a practical way, but if you can learn then you will be the king of the next era that is the digital era!

F. Programmer:

If you are a tech buddy then you have a great opportunity in this field as a freelancer! Choose your platform or language that is convenient to you.

G. Business:

Delivering virtual assistance is one of the most asked services by the businessman. Virtual assistance providing is the easiest work and if you develop this skill then you can earn very easily from it. In this, you can work as a real estate caller or social media manager or answering emails for company/client and many more. Even you can work as a brand manager, lead generator via calls, email, and text. Ecommerce website management is also an easy software handling type of job.

H. Accounting:

You can do multiple corporate or non-corporate account management via freelancing websites.

Pro tip: Try to work at discount prices if you just started!

2. Earn Online Money from social media / Become an Influencer


 That sounds crazy! 

 yes, you can earn from social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, YouTube, and many more.

Different ways and different techniques are there for each social platform. You either learn by articles or from YouTube videos or some online courses!

Even you can build your huge base of followers that can attract brands and other people to market their products on your page or profile. This is the simplest but complex way where you have to learn more skills in posting photos or quotes or content that can attract your audience. With time these skills will improve in you and you will become a perfect influencer and make money from your sponsored content and affiliate products.

3. Become a Consultant/ Coach/ Become an Online Tutor


Start with the subjects of your expertise and be an online teaching expert. You need to develop your expertise in one subject or allied areas as well. You need good verbal communication skills. This is the fastest way to earn online as well you get an option for working as a freelancer and an online teacher together.

Sell your notes

Even if you don’t have good communication skills, you can write notes and sell them online on platforms like Nexus notes, Stuvia, and many more.

Apart from these, you can be an Instructor on an online teaching-learning platform to sell your courses. There are lots of websites nowadays selling courses online and many more will come in the upcoming years.

4. Make money by managing advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Quora, LinkedIn, YouTube

Earn a skill of optimizing advert on a different platform and this will lead you to earn money from simply managing multiple clients who are doing online advertising.


 Each of the above platforms has its own teaching webinars and videos on “how to do advertising” on their platform. After learning from official sources, learn optimizing advertisement CPC (cost per click), conversion ratio, engagement ratio, and other factors that affect client pocket! This will be one of the best trends in the coming years as everyone wants more sales and more traffic to their websites.

5. Buy & Sell Domains

A domain is a virtual asset and it values more when you treat it as a property!


This is one of the competitive and hardest skills that you can develop and earn from buying a domain, harvesting it, and selling it. 

 For maximizing your profit, buy TLDs (Top-Level Domains) with one word and harvest them. 

 harvesting means make it worthy to sell by getting traffic on the website and create some good backlinks too.

After running the domain for a certain period, your domain will be valuable in terms of backlinks, trafficking, domain authority, page authority. It will be valued more than does your purchase value of a domain. You can sell domains online via different platforms that support the auction. 

 One other option available is to purchase an expired domain and sell it at an advanced level.

6. Income from Writing Work

A. Write and publish a Kindle eBook

Kindle app is available on all platforms like android, apple, and others too so you can write a book and publish it on the amazon kindle store and grab the huge global market.

 Amazon is the largest and biggest-selling online platform so it’s a big opportunity for you to earn from eBooks!

 For success in eBook, you have to write on your expertise and non-fiction topics like how to get a job or how to crack interview or secrets of “your topic”. Research well on topic compiled it well and present in such a simple way that the reader can easily understand. Remember what you have written in the book should justify readers spent time on it! 

 You also design a proper cover of your eBook and some catchy tagline to get customer’s attention. One more thing you can do is encourage customers to give a review on amazon so it will rank up.

B. Write articles

You can write articles for a client on a freelancing website, paid articles for websites that publish content related to your niche and expertise.

C. Start your blog website

you can start your blog in your expertise niche.

 For this, you need to select a domain name related to your niche. Get one hosting and write articles, do some SEO, and follow some rules for google AdSense approval or similar kind of other advertising company approval.

Read more at number 8:blogging for beginners for detail.

7. Create a website

you can create Review Websites, Apps and Software, affiliate website of amazon and other products, services, coupon website.

Market it well to earn something from the website.


Even you can start an on-demand printing website too.

These are some ideas that will work if you do them uniquely and innovatively.

8. Blogging for beginners

The easiest way to earn online is to start a blog website. Write content and publish it regularly.

 Google is the biggest search engine available in the world. Just index website your website,

learn some search engine optimization and writing expertise in your own niche/topic. After publishing multiple posts apply for google AdSense approval and you can earn via showing ads of google AdSense on your website. Blogging is too competitive. You need to write unique content without plagiarism. you also go for google publisher or news account for more traffic.

9. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing


Yes, if you read the above two topics create a website and blogging for beginners then you can incorporate this method in both of them. If you don’t want to make a website even though you can work. Lots of websites available for this like an Amazon affiliate program, click bank, and many more.

Big brands or big companies run a program called affiliate or associate programs. Sign up for it and work as an affiliate partner for that company and sell/market their product.

Choose your product make a landing page on a blogger site or pin interest or in a Facebook group. Amazon is the easiest way for starting but it requires a website. The best part is you don’t require any kind of investment in the product as well you don’t need to bear any customer care follow up. Just you need to market it in as many ways it possible. Find your unique way and products and target them to particularly interested groups of people.

10. Become a Streamer

Twitch, Discord, Facebook live, YouTube is the most popular streaming platforms.


If you are a gamer then you can use this platform as an earning online source.

Non-gamers also use this service nowadays to become popular in their expertise niche.

These are general ideas that can easily anyone can do at the beginning and start earning. 

 Check out our website sections for more detailed content on every topic.

11. Earn money from YouTube

First, you need to choose your topic with your expertise. After choosing your niche or micro-niche you need to create content with videos.


You can make videos using your phone, camera or you can just create doodle or graphical intensive content. You can compile some videos and photos too. Just remember that you have to use copyright free content (music, videos, photos).

Create your channel and post videos inside it. You can monetize your channel when it has completed the basic criteria of YouTube.

 Tip: content should be creative and worth the value of viewers that makes you rank higher on YouTube. You can do SEO of your title, tags, and many more factors.