Future Phones

With the pace of smartphone evolution moving so fast, there’s always something waiting in the wings. Forecasting the technological future is tricky at best. The mobile phones of the future are expected to be more closely embedded in our day-to-day lives than ever before. Mobile phones will become remote controls for our whole lives.

Holographic Displays

holographic display

Holographic phones could one day be a reality though. Holograms have long been a regular feature in sci-fi and futuristic fantasy films. Holographic functions may allow you to beam virtual displays to interact with. HoloFlex is both holographic and flexible, allowing users to bend the handset to view the 3D display from different angles and interact with the images on screen. Touted as the world’s first holographic, flexible smartphone, the HoloFlex is still in development and won’t be available any time soon.

Flexible Frames

fold-able phones

Phone companies are claiming to create a smartphone that is so robust that it can actually be folded in two by the user. These phones can transform the user’s experience. These devices can be folded, bent and reshaped to suit the user’s needs. These phones could be wrapped around your wrist, transformed into a GPS-enabled belt clip for hiking and extreme sports, or used as a flat screen for watching videos.

Educational Tools

In future, mobiles will change the way we learn and teach. With more than one-in-three school children owning a mobile phone, a future where camera and voice recorder phones are both learning and teaching tools is highly possible. Harnessing the multi-functional nature of mobile phones as both learning and teaching aids could be increasingly commonplace, especially, as higher quality camera phones become more widely and cheaply available. It’s been suggested that in the future mobile phones will be used to take photos and make notes on field trips, in order to create a more active and informal approach to learning.

Eco-friendly Smartphones

eco-friendly smartphones

Researchers have been looking into biodegradable materials and cleaner energy charging. These phones can be utilized designed for users who work outdoors, as well as anyone who’s likely to be away from a power source for an extended period of time, such as campers or skiers. The idea behind the design is that you spin it round on your finger to charge it up. The obvious benefit of this, besides helping the environment, is that you could charge this phone pretty much anywhere.

Your New Best Friend

From setting alarms and reminders to checking our Facebook feed, doing online shopping and managing our finances, we reach for our phones as soon as we wake up and don’t really put them down until we’re ready to sleep. As smartphone technology becomes ever more intuitive, we’re growing increasingly attached to our mobiles. A modular handset aiming to turn your smartphone into your best friend. This companion device was inspired by human behaviours and designed to help users’ bond with it physically and emotionally. These phones would greet you in the morning, and keep silent at night, and would adapt to different situations in much the same way a human would. So, if you overslept, it would create a faster route to work using its GPS, or if you visited a new place, it would recommend stuff to do. These mobile phones will represent your mood, which would have made emojis seem significantly less exciting had this phone ever made it to market. One of the other cool features of the future phone will be inclusion of two different paradigms to help you keep your work life and social life separate. The future phones will also display your work schedules, emails and projects, social media, texting and games, eliminating the need for a separate work phone.

3D – Screens


“Retina-tracking technology” would be used to make it appear that images are hovering above the surface of the screen. These would be viewable from every angle, without the need for special glasses. Mobile gaming and movie watching seem to be the main benefactors from such advances.

Artificial Intelligence in Future Mobiles

AI is essentially changing the scenario by collecting real-time data and processing it. This enables mobile apps to learn each time an information exchange takes place among the devices so that they (apps) can finally take necessary action.