Earn Money from Quora!

Earn Money from Quora!

Is it possible that one can earn money from Quora?

Right, it is! you heard exactly true!

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1. Make money from Quora by giving answers

You can drive traffic to your web using Quora by putting links in content as well as putting photos.

Tips to generate more views on Quora answer

  • By solving Quora users’ questions
  • Answer Evergreen content
  • Answer on trending topics
  • Answer memes and photo share questions
  • Intellectual questions
  • Put a good interactive picture
  • Put your YouTube video
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2. Make money from Quora Ads

You can become an advertising manager or freelancer to get traffic for your client’s web or product.

You can make money by putting client advertising on Quora ads that are niche targeted and less costly than Facebook and Google.

3. Make money from Quora by asking questions

Make money by Quora partner program

It is an invite-only program run by Quora called QPP.

Ask questions that will get tons of views and answer, by this you drive traffic to Quora and they will invite you to the QPP program.

Tips for asking the question

  • Asking open-ended questions.
  • External questions that might be a rank up in google index.
  • Choose a topic that Tons of people should have an interest in your question.
  • Don’t spam or ask a similar question again and again.
  • Make sure your question should not ask by anyone else before.
  • Try to start with the why and how kind of questions.
  • Choose trending categories on Quora to ask a question to get fast answers and views.
  • Remember simple rules, ask only those types of questions that people want to know their answers to.

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