one moodo®,
endless possibilities
We understand that choosing a scent is personal. It’s not just about selecting something off the shelf, but about unique combinations that express your mood in the moment.

This is why we created Moodo

A smart home fragrance machine, designed to enhance your wellbeing. Moodo helps you create your own unique ambiance instantly. It sparks your imagination and gives you the inspiration to create your own unique scent for any mood. Instantly. We do that by getting creative with our ingredients. World leading perfumers take the finest raw materials, then mix and match, innovate and invent. Now you can express your space with your unique charm. It’s time to switch on your mood.

screen stick for gamer to get accuracy and precision

There is nothing worse than having to use virtual touchscreen controls to play games or to navigate simulations. Or have you ever tried to remote control a helicopter, airplane or car with your smartphone? It is great to have a substantial object to stand in for the virtual iPad joystick. In the heat of the game, you don’t keep your eyes on the joystick. You are too busy looking at other things! With the ScreenStick you now have the possibility to control your favorite games and simulations precisely and accurately! The robust ScreenStick, made of aluminum, is attached with two suction cups on the surface oft he screen. The soft conductive surface of the control cone fits gently on the screen surface, allowing precise control commands to be transmitted onto the screen. The ScreenStick comes in two variants for different applications. The inventor Michael Adam collaborating with ready2fly.com, the team behind the ScreenStick has many years of experience in development & production of toys and high-quality RC models. Our first goal was to invent a high precision RC stick to being used on smartphones and tablets. Soon we realized that this new joystick would also inspire every gamer. The ScreenStick was born! Early birds can get the ScreenStick SET including the Simulator, the Gaming Stick, and a carrying pouch for $12 right now.